Participant survey part B - complete AFTER training

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What do you know about suicide?

Please read the following statements and indicate whether you think they are true or false: *
Please read the following statements and indicate whether you think they are true or false: True False Don't know
People who have thoughts about suicide should not tell others about it
Seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist can help prevent someone from suicide
Most people who suicide are psychotic
Talking about suicide always increases the risk of suicide
A suicidal person will always be suicidal and entertain thoughts of suicide
Not all people who attempt suicide plan their attempt in advance
Very few people have thoughts about suicide
If assessed by a psychiatrist, everyone who kills themselves would be diagnosed as depressed
Men are more likely to die by suicide than women
People who talk about suicide rarely kill themselves
People who want to attempt suicide can change their mind quickly
There is strong relationship between alcoholism and suicide

Rate your knowledge of suicide and ability to help others:

If someone close to me was suicidal… *
If someone close to me was suicidal… Strongly disagree Disagree Neither agree nor disagree Agree Strongly agree
I would be able to recognise the warning signs
I would feel comfortable asking them about suicidal thoughts directly
I am confident that I would be able to provide some initial help or support for them
I have good knowledge of local help resources/services that could help them
I would know how to help connect them with other appropriate supports
May we contact you in six months, to find out whether you have continued to benefit from the training? required
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